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Press Releases on the Opening of Osho World

Osho World Foundation Chronicle 2000

Review about the store on Sify Cities

Pico Iyer to get Osho Misfit Award for his book Global Soul

An insight into the wonderful world of Osho: The Real man of the millennium

Osho World Foundation presents

Sponsorship of Gujarat Relief Event at Siri Fort Auditorium

As the immediate response of emergency aid for Gujarat earthquake victims is almost over, the bigger challenge of rebuilding the homes and lives of the affected now confronts all of us.

In this task, Osho World hopes to contribute from the proceeds of a dance ballet at
Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi, on 1 April 2001 by the renowned dancer-activist Mallika Sarabhai from Ahmedabad. Considering the involvement of Mallika Sarabhai in this dance ballet, her mother, Mrinalini Sarabhai, herself a visionary and a renowned dancer is composing this programme on the Gujarat catastrophe presented by over 20 performers from her Darpan troupe.

Last year, Osho World has presented a series of cultural events like dance performances by established artistes like Sonal Mansingh, Ileana Citaristi and Mallika Sarabhai on Delhi stage at no cost to our friends and well wishers. These events have been well appreciated by our discerning audiences and well covered by the media.

To raise funds for Gujarat, the entry to this dance ballet on 1 April will be thru donor passes. To contribute the entire proceedings from this performance to Gujarat, Osho World invites you to sponsor the staging costs of this event. We look forward to your positive cooperation in this humanitarian cause that concerns us all.

With best wishes
Osho World Foundation
Swami Atul Anand

Press release on the event under www.boloji.com

"There is no greater enjoyment than that of sharing something. Have you given something to somebody? That's why people enjoy giving gifts so much. It is a sheer delight. When you give something to somebody - maybe valueless, may not be of much value - but just the way, just the gesture that you give, satisfies tremendously. Just think of a person whose whole life is a gift! whose every moment is a sharing - he lives in heaven. There is no other heaven than that."

Shiva - Shakti Vandanam
a 50 minute celebration of Aradhanarishvara in Bharatanatyam Mallika Sarabhai and group
Is it a Dream? - 30 mins.
Choreography of Is It a Dream?

In this century, India has distorted the voice of its soul and sold itself to corruption, violence and devastation of the earth. It is a tragic end to a great civilization that valued tolerance above everything welcoming new ideas and sheltering people from other lands, whose religion was all embracing, recognizing that the Atman resided in all beings irrespective of outer labels, a land that peacefully sent its cultural ambassadors far and wide taking gifts of the arts and crafts of our heritage.

Artistic traditions are perhaps the only remnants of 'the wonder that was India'. Our folk culture, our traditional forms, still weave a pattern of serenity, thoughtful of caring values, of the togetherness of humanity.

Darpana presents a reality of our world today with a plea to understand and imbibe once more the ancient prayer of the oldest literature of our country.
Krishna’s Flute
Sonal Mansingh performs at an Osho World bookshop function organised to mark Janmashtami in New Delhi.(Saab Press)
"I Have heard much about Osho's world.
Would love to live the experience."
Kashmira Shah, Indipop Singer

photo courtesy: The Times of India

Last year on June 4, Sussanne Khan, who recently got married to superstar Hrithik Roshan of Indian movies, visited Osho world and commented in the address book:
Great atmosphere in this store!
Sussanne Khan

She remembered her husband's and Indira Gandhi, the former Prime Minster's love and appreciation of Osho and his books. She was really delighted to visit Osho World and said she will visit again for more time to spend in this exquisite and tranquil atmosphere.
D. R. Karthikeyan, Director General of National Human Rights Commission of India, regular visitor to Osho World. He listens to Osho discourses and reads his books.
A peep into Osho World
"Osho's vision is multi dimensional. It advocates a life of meditation and celebration. Osho invites you to know thyself and then celebrate it," says Swami Chaitanya Keerti. For those wanting to join in this celebration or are interested in the Osho's philosophy or want to know more about it there is big opportunity in Osho World Galleria at the plush and air-conditioned environs of Ansal Plaza.
Osho World Foundation Chronicle 2000

01 -
Shri Ram Jethmalani, the then Union Law and Justice Minister, inaugurates Osho World Galleria (OWG) at Ansal Plaza with distinguished guests including Shri Vinod Khanna, MP, Shri Surendra Sharma, noted hindi poet, Shri D.R. Karthikeyan, D-G Human National Human Rights Commission, Pratibha Prahlad, well known Bharat Natyam dancer, among others.
01 -
Shri Vijay Kumar Malhotra, MP, visits OWG.
15 -
Mallika Sarabhai dance performance - In Search of Devi - at FICCI Auditorium; Chief Guests Shri Krishna Kant, Vice-President of India and other distinguished guests including Shri Shatrughan Sinha, MP, Shri Vijay Goel MP, Shri V. P. Goel, MP and Shri K. Radhakrishnan, noted sculptor.

12 -
Buddha Week - Es Dhammo Santanno - at OWG inaugurated by Dileep Padgaonkar, Editor Times of India, at OWG.
18 - Journalists
Pritish Nandy and Rajat Sharma visit OWG.
18 -
Shri Ramkrishna Hegde, former Union Minister, and Pratibha Prahlad, dancer, visit OWG.

10 -
Kabir Week - Dhai Akshar Prem Key - inaugurated at OWG by renowned Kathak dancer Padamshree Shovana Narayan and Rahul Dev, TV anchorman.
16 -
Ms Suzzane Khan, fiancée of film superstar Hritik Roshan, visits OWG.
25 -
Filmstar Kashmira Shah visits OWG.

13 -
Guru Purnima Week - Guru Samarpan - at OWG.
19 -
Ileana Citaristi dancer performance - Guru Samarpan - at India Habitat Centre; Chief Guest Shri Shanti Desai, Mayor of Delhi among the distinguished guests Shri Wasiffudin Dagar, noted Dhrupad singer.
25 -
Photo Exhibition - Colours of Life - by Gopi Kannadhasan inaugurated at OWG by Maneka Gandhi, noted environmentalist, animal rights activist and Union Minister.

01 - OWF retains domain name
oshoworld.com after arbitration judgment.
23 -
Krishna Week - Leela: Life is just a play! - Inaugurated at OWG by Padambhushan and renowned dancer Sonal Mansingh.
25 -
Hindi Kavi Samellan at FICCI Auditorium under the chairmanship of Shri Surendra Sharma to celebrate the freedom of religiousness as evidenced in the domain name victory for oshoworld.com.
30 - Renowned Hindi poet
Neeraj visits OWG.

7 - film star
Farooq Sheikh visits OWG.
23 -
Ileana Citaristi dance performance - Haikus of Osho - at Kamani Auditorium; Chief Guest Shri L. K. Advani, Union Home Minister and distinguished guests including Shri Lalit Mansingh, Foreign Secretary, Jatin Das, noted painter.

10 -
Painting Exhibition - Inner Landscapes - by Goldy Malhotra at OWG inaugurated by Shri S. Venkat Narayan, President of SE Asia Foreign Correspondents Club.
18 -
Dr Vijay Bhatkar, an eminent scientist, visits OWG.
19 -
Candles Exhibition - Appo Deepo Bhava - inaugurated at OWG by Subha Mudgil, eminent singer.
20 -
Shri Rajan Mishra, eminent classical vocalist, visits OWG.
26 -
Shri Dinanath Mishra, MP and journalist, visits OWG.

05 -
Dr Manmohan Singh, a renowned economist and a former Union Minister for Finance, inaugurates Guru Nanak Week - Ek Omkar Satnam - at OWG.
06 - Eminent Hindi writer, scholar and journalist,
Dr. Mahip Singh, visits OWG.

06 -
Osho Week - Raiso Vai Sah - inaugurated by Shri Shivraj Patil, MP and Former Speaker Lok Sabha (Lower House of Parliament) and also opened a Photo Exhibition - Faces of Enlightenment: Osho in the Sixties and Seventies.
09 -
Shri Shanta Kumar, Union Minister for Consumer Affairs, visits OWG.
10 -
Sonal Mansingh dance performance - Raiso Vai Sah - at Kamani Auditorium; Chief Guest Shri Arun Jaitley, Union Minister for Law and Justice and distinguished guests including Dr George Assaf, Regional Director of UNIDO and the Ambassador for Italy, Mr. B. Amassi, among others..
20 -
Jesus Week - I say unto you, Rejoice - inaugurates by Shri Eduardo Faleiro, MP and Ex Union Minister at OWG.
21 -
Shri Ram Jethmalani and Shri Maxwell Pereira, Additional Commissioner of Police, visits OWG.

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Press Releases on the Opening of Osho World

Opening Osho World at Ansal Plaza, New Delhi, Union Law Minister Shri Ram Jethmalani recalled that he started as Osho's lawyer and ended up as his spiritual slave and that's what he remains to this day. Recalling his association with Osho, he said in 1975 he was called to defend Osho. „My problem was that Osho had an allergy to attend court and my brief was that he should not attend court for a single day. I succeeded.“

In those days, some people were trying to belittle his work and to discredit him but since then they have become his admirers, said Mr Jethmalani. „Today, when I meet them they tell me they are prepared to render any service to Osho if for nothing else only to make penance for their past sins,“ he revealed.

"I believe Osho was an intellectual giant," declared the Law Minister. "I believe his intellectual output is mind boggling and I believe that it would a great pity if the whole of India and indeed the whole world is not exposed to his great intellectual output as Osho is one of the greatest men this country has ever produced."

Osho left us over a decade ago and while it is no longer possible to touch him in flesh and blood, it is certainly possible to do the next best thing and get exposed to what he left behind.

This is now possible at Osho World said Mr Jethmalani urging everyone to become acquainted with Osho's vision through his books, audio and videocassettes.

Mr Jethmalani was presented with a giant "Master's Key" with which he opened Osho World Galleria and among other guests presented with a similar Master's Key were humourist and poet Surendera Sharma, Director General of Human Rights Commission, D. R. Karthikeyan, famous dancer Pratibha Prahlad, Ms Arti Mehra MLA.

Osho's Personal Secretary Ma Yog Neelam welcomed the guests by recalling her reminiscences of Osho over 30 years and Swami Vinod Bharati (Shri Vinod Khanna MP) proposed a vote of thanks during which he recalled his disciplehood with his master over a quarter of a century.

Osho: An Atom Bomb!

Osho was the Atom Bomb of thinking who caused an explosion of original thought, said humourist-poet Surendera Sharma at the opening Osho World at Ansal Plaza, New Delhi, where he was honoured with a Master's Key.

Union Law Minister Mr Ram Jethmalani was presented with a giant Master's Key with which he officially opened Osho World Galleria. Among other guests presented with a similar Master's Keys were Director General of Human Rights Commission, D. R. Karthikeyan, famous dancer Pratibha Prahlad, Ms Arti Mehra MLA.

"An Atom Bomb blows up millions of human beings into tiny bits but Osho Atom Bomb unites the split personalities of millions of human beings," declared Shri Surendera Sharma.

"Osho is the world's greatest sweeper," was another eyebrow raising statement from him. "Osho cleaned up the dirt of your mind," he added helpfully, "Physical dirt can be swept away but Osho is the only one who can sweep all the mental dirt away. In a world drowned with the stupidity of the so-called wise, Osho is the only one who makes real sense," he declared.

In his vote of thanks, Swami Vinod Bharati, the film hero turned politician recalled how he became a disciple in 1975. "Before that time I was living through a lot of anxiety while Rajneesh was a very controversial guru. But I picked up enough courage and met him, read his books, and for some reason I knew that this is the master for me and I must go to him. As it is said, "You never find a master, the master finds you." And Rajneesh found me."

"As a disciple and going to Pune regularly I realized gradually that I cannot do both things together work in films and also remain a disciple. I wanted to spend a lot of time with him and so I quit films and went to Pune. He assigned me to work in his garden."

"One of the most important things Osho gave me is, 'Live life as if you are an actor; and act as if you are living in the real world.' This means look at the world as if you are witness and this only comes when you meditate."

The other mantra he gave me is, "Meditate and live in the marketplace." This means living like a pure lotus flower without letting the dirty water affect you, living in it and yet rising above it."

!I have been following these two things ever since and these have given me utmost joy and taken away all my problems,? declared the Osho sannyasin.
"Of course, meditation helps in all this because if you are transcending your mind, your heart. So this opening of Osho World a whole new world for meditation - is a great beginning for Delhi and I urge you with all my heart to explore yourself with Osho World it does take away all the rubbish of your mind," he said.

"Just give Osho all your problems and anxieties and he will accept them and clear them away for you," said the devoted Osho disciple.

Swami Chaitanya Keerti

Osho World Foundation
Ansal Plaza, Khelgaon Road
New Delhi 110049
+91-11-626 1616, 651 3033

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An insight into the wonderful world of Osho :
The Real man of the millennium

From Allah to Zen. And everything in between! That one man in his lifetime had such a felicitous understanding of almost everything under the sun, and beyond it, never ceases to amaze. What do you call such a man? Savant, seer, sage? No labels can be attached to him, he remains as elusive to pin down as a wave upon the sand. Like that wave however, he is enduring; every time you think it has ebbed it surges back to shore with renewed vigour and strength, a wash with the secrets of a different space and time.
Osho. The name is so apt. Derived from William James’ expression ‘oceanic experience’, it means dissolving into the ocean. Becoming one with the waves. "Oceanic describes the experience,” says Osho, "but what about the experiencer? For that we use the word ‘Osho’.” Life was something he wanted to experience for himself and this he did fearlessly and intensely. His reality was his own, never based on the beliefs or knowledge of others, and even as a child he was fiercely independent in his thinking. Known over the years as Acharya and then Bhagwan Rajneesh, it is the name Osho that is nearest to the essence of him.
Osho’s is an oft told story but each time you hear it a new dimension is revealed, another layer is peeled from a tale that is still quite unbelievable to stubborn sceptics who find it safer to believe he was a charlatan. He was born in Kuchwada, Madhya Pradesh, India on December 11, 1931 to parents whom he says he chose "for their love, their intimacy, their almost one-ness.” His childhood was one of tremendous love, freedom and respect, an ideal atmosphere for an intuitive and adventurous child.
The death of his maternal grand father when Osho was seven years old had a profound effect on the young boy. Cradling his beloved grand father’s head in his lap as they bounced along in a bullock cart to reach the nearest doctor, he watched as the older man slipped away. "I learned much in that moment of his silence...,” Osho said later. "I started on a new search, a new pilgrimage.” It was the start of an incredible inner journey.
Enlightenment came on March 21, 1953, at the age of 21. "For many lives I had been working on myself, struggling, doing whatsoever can be done — and nothing was happening. The very effort was a barrier... Not that one can reach without seeking. Seeking is needed, but then comes a point when seeking has to be dropped... And that day the search stopped... it started happening. A new energy arose... It was coming from nowhere and everywhere. It was in the trees and in the rocks and the sky and the sun and the air — and I was thinking it was very far away. And it was so near...”
Graduating from the University of Sagar, with first class honours in philosophy, Osho went on to teach philosophy at the University of Jabalpur for nine years. An accomplished speaker even then, he read everything he could find, gaining not only in erudition but the ability to find simple solutions to the ills that plagued the country. It was a time of flux, the aftermath of years of British rule. Religion ruled a country made up of a thousand different sects and he revelled in challenging religious leaders in public debate. His way was different. Disdaining conventional vehicles of worship, he introduced his slowly growing number of followers to a life lived in totality, in love, and in a deep, fragrant meditativeness. "My message is not a doctrine, not a philosophy. My message is a certain alchemy, a science of transformation.” He was looking to create the ‘New Man’.
Meditation was the cornerstone of Osho’s way of life. Modern man, he said, was so burdened with the outmoded traditions of the past and the anxieties of modern-day living that he needed to experience a deep cleansing process before he could hope to discover the thought-less, relaxed state of meditation. Osho developed his unique dynamic meditation techniques and introduced his followers to them at camps across the country. "The way is in,” he said as he helped people seek new levels of consciousness, and more and more people were drawn to him and his vision.
By 1974 a commune was established around him in Pune, India, and it soon attracted a multitude of visitors from the West, in time becoming the largest spiritual growth centre in the world. Later Osho was invited to America where thousands of his disciples transformed a barren piece of land in Oregon into a flourishing community. Antagonism from locals forced him to leave America after only four years however and he embarked on a World Tour. Described by Tom Robbins, one of America’s greatest living novelists, as "the most dangerous man since Jesus Christ,” it is not surprising that Osho provoked a campaign of worldwide persecution. Refused entry into several countries, Osho responded with characteristic humor and uncompromising honesty, publicly challenging his persecutors. He continued to speak to his disciples, he continued to expose the hypocrisy of the establishment. They couldn’t stop him.
Osho returned to Pune, India, and a new commune grew around him. He began to give talks twice a day till failing health forced him to gradually withdraw from public activities. Whenever his health permitted, he would appear in the evening to sit with his disciples and friends in a meditation of music and silence, after which he would retire to his room while the assembly watched one of his videotaped discourses.
When Osho left his body on January 19, 1990 the world was agog. What would happen to his followers without the physical presence of their charismatic Master? The answer had been given by Osho himself, just a few weeks earlier. "My trust in existence is absolute. If there is any truth in what I am saying, it will survive... The people who remain interested in my work will be simply carrying the torch, but not imposing anything on anyone...I will remain a source of inspiration to my people... I want them to grow on their own — qualities like love, around which no church can be created, like awareness, which is nobody’s monopoly; like celebration, rejoicing, and remaining fresh with childlike eyes...I want my people to know themselves, not to be according to someone else. And the way is in.”
Things haven’t really changed. His epitaph reads "Never Born,Never Died, Only visited this Planet Earth between Dec 11 1931 — Jan 19 1990”. And for the more than 10,000 people who travel to the Osho Commune International every year, their Master is still with them. The ‘Buddhafield’ at the Commune is as strong as ever, the energy, as vibrant and his teachings as relevant.
Over 35 eventful years Osho gave thousands of discourses on multitudinous and diverse topics. These have been published in more than 650 volumes, including translations into over thirty languages. A large number of people who know Osho only through his books have been introduced to a whole new world, a way of life that is so inspiring in its simplicity and originality. The man had an amazing way with words, able to translate profound insights into the simplest language. Provocative and challenging, anecdotal and humorous, his discourses are always a revelation.
He has spoken about Allah and Zen, and he has spoken about Taoism, Tibetan Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, ancient Greek philosophy. After 650 volumes one would imagine there’s not much left unsaid, but Osho, like his name, remains fathomless. There’s always something more to be said about him by the vast number of people whose lives he has touched. "I am like a river, which goes on flowing, inviting every other river to join,” he said once. "Life knows no full stops, no semicolons; it simply goes on and on, and it will continue to add spices of which we are not even aware. And it is good. It means that I am giving you something living, which will go on growing — even beyond us it will have its own growth.”
In this book, produced with the usual love and care that characterises the work of the Commune, are new insights by some of his sanyasins, making as always, delightful reading for those who knew him, and for those who didn’t. The waves are still rushing to shore. Enjoy them.

Ashvina Vakil
Former Editor, Society Magazine

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